Start interactive learning with Trailhead

One of the reasons why Salesforce is so accessible is Trailhead: a rich community with interactive learning materials where you can gain a lot of knowledge and skills.

On Trailhead, you can find well-written, well-illustrated, and interactive lessons. Especially the engaging writing style and the ability to try everything out in a trial environment – a Trailhead Playground – make it a great learning platform that is not only accessible but also actually enjoyable.

Interactive lessons

The lessons are divided into Modules and Projects. Modules consist of one or more chapters that you complete by either taking a quiz of 2 to 5 multiple choice questions or an interactive assignment. Often, you can already perform the explained actions step by step in your trial environment while reading the module. This learning by doing is more interactive than just reading and thus your new knowledge is better retained.

Moreover, it often happens that the practical assignment asks you to do the same thing, but with a slightly different example. During the lesson, for example, you create a process that automatically updates an Account Name for which you are guided step by step. In the practical assignment, you might be asked to apply the same principle to automatically update a name of an Opportunity, with a little less guidance.


By answering quiz questions correctly and completing practical assignments, you earn points, and if you have completed a whole Module or Project, you also earn a Badge. Based on your number of points and Badges, you reach a certain rank.

For practical assignments in Module lessons, you earn 500 points. When you answer all quiz questions in a lesson correctly in one go, you earn 100 points. In most Projects, you also earn 100 points per lesson. This gamification also makes Trailhead more engaging.


Projects are also practical assignments, but here, it is very literally spoon-fed what you have to do. If you do exactly what is written, you earn the points. You do not have to translate the acquired knowledge into another situation. Therefore, fewer points are awarded.

Learn anytime, anywhere on your mobile

For the practical assignments, you need to work on your desktop/laptop, but there are also plenty of lessons that only end with a quiz. You can do this perfectly on your mobile. Download Trailhead GO to your phone. You can also filter this to only see Modules that you can complete entirely in the Trailhead GO app.

Let’s get started!

There is still a lot more to say about Trailhead, but you will discover that yourself once you get started. What are you waiting for? Create an account now!

You can also sign up using your Google or LinkedIn account. This way, you do not need to remember another password.